07 February 2014

Better images

I have better images of many of the FOs I've completed here in the hospital. Here we go:

Here's Harbinger. Although it calls for a heavier weight yarn, I really like the fabric quality here:

This is a deceptive angle, since it looks like I'm not pregnant. Here's the real story:

The rustic fisherwoman hat:

Finished Wee Austin hoodie. I got the coppery leaf imprint buttons from Fusion

The buttons:

And two little projects for two very special preemies in the NICU:

I've done another two projects (toys), just haven't had time to photograph them yet. I'm planning on doing a big shoot of the two things I've finished and a TON of un-recorded yarn for my stash, so I just need to find the time to do that between blood draws and visitors.

I've put my Ysolda "Follow Your Arrow" Mystery KAL project on the shelf for now, as I'm not thrilled with the direction it's headed. I'm trying to determine if I want to write some new "clues" to make it more wearable (for  me), or if I want to just frog the whole thing and use the tosh on something else...

- YX