17 September 2014

FO: Golden Hour

I started this back in February, just a few days before the baby was born. I'd done so much baby knitting that I needed a break... Well, 6 months later, I'm finally done.

Raglan construction, fingering weight yarn... I used Tosh Sock in "Antique Lace", which was bought on a whim at my LYS. The wheaty color is something I usually don't wear, but I am finding I like it with my skin tone.
The chevron detailing was easy enough to do without the chart, so it was great tv and knit night knitting.

I need to block it, because right now it's this weird mid-crotch length, and I'm hoping to get an inch or two out of it. I already added a few rows of chevrons to the bottom to accommodate my long torso, but I really should've just started the chevron charts later. Ah well.

The little cable/button back closure is so cute. Completely unnecessary, as the neck is generous, but it gives a nice detail. I chose a blue button at the advice of some twitter friends, but also considered bright red and hot pink ones. I have a lot of buttons.

Oh, and before I go... That little green Wee Austin Hoodie I did for the baby? Well...

- YX