11 January 2016

FO: Thom 2

Today, I finished a sweet little worsted sweater for my son. I used Miss Babs "Yowza - Whatta Skein" worsted, which is lovely and squishy and there's a massive amount of it per skein - 560 yards. It's lovely stuff.

A simple top-down raglan is my favorite thing to knit, and I already had this pattern from a previous newborn sweater I knitted for my kiddo, so it was great for a quick guideline for cast-on, etc. Except when it wasn't, which is to say that the age 2-3 size fits my 22 month-old son quite well. I even sized up to a US 8 needle, so either my son is gigantic, or my gauge isn't.

I am so glad I finished this quickly. It took just about a week, and the cold has rolled in to Texas. Well, the "cool", anyway, as I'm sure most of you would crack up to think of 50 degrees as anything but downright balmy.

Aww, I love my little dude. Especially in knitwear.