14 May 2015

FO: Planetary Pillow

I finished something! Here it is:

This was a really mindless knit, which has been great relief while I work on my On The Grass sweater. I got the planet buttons from the TessaAnn Etsy shop (similar here), and they are just about the best quality polymer buttons I've seen. It goes from the sun all the way out to Pluto (you'll pry my Pluto from my cold, dead, dwarf planet hands!)

This is going in the nursery, although I should probably do a slipcase for it, since you can see the white of the form a little bit, thanks to an aggressive blocking.

I ran short on yarn- my knit group can attest to the fact that my VERY LAST button loop was quite literally the last usable piece of the skein, which never happens to me! Anyway, this is going in my son's space-themed room, and I am really pleased with how cute it is.

It's been awhile since my last post- how are you guys? What are you working on?
- YX