20 December 2012

Brooklyn Tweed: Wool People 4

How is it Thursday already?!

I've been working on a post about my recent trip to NYC (and a recent, unrelated Wollmeise acquisition), but I need to get into the studio and photograph all of those lovelies! So until then, I thought I might share Brooklyn Tweed's Wool People 4 with you.
Like last time (and, really, every time), the preview book is absolutely stunning and makes me get grabby hands all over everything.

Maybe it's the weather getting to me, but the patterns look beautifully cozy and comfortable.

My favorite is Chicane, a pattern that comes in men's and women's versions. I would absolutely buy this sweater in a store, so it makes absolute sense that I'd want to make it. It's a worsted weight, and for once, I don't think I'd sub in a lighter weight yarn.
I LOVE the detailing on the elbows, the layerable collar, and the texture of the tweed. I think I'd probably go with the requested yarn for this pattern. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!

Kindling is a pretty little shawl that seems to relate to the Guernsey wrap for me. The textures remind me of chiseled stone, or ripples of water in an old etching.
It calls for fingering weight yarn on size 8 needles-- I can see it being pretty popular for a quick knit. I'd up the weight to a worsted or bulky, size the needles way up, knit two of them and then kitchner them together to make a throw blanket. Yum.

My final pick is Vertex, a ribbed vest. I love it because I can see it being worn over one of my light dresses. Lately, I've been pairing leggings and a long tee with a light sundress in the winter. Over top, I wear a long, open cardigan or vest. This one would be perfect:
It would also look great with a fitted jean and tailored Oxford shirt, a rocker tee and skinny jeans, or a long, skinny tank or dress in the spring. Versatile layering pieces are the best.

Those are my picks! Which ones do you like?
- YX

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