27 March 2013

Queued: Summer knits

Two cute things in my feed recently:

Cowl Cami, by Jennifer Hansen, has only four projects and is just gorgeous:
I'd love to use linen, cotton, or a plant fiber on this to keep it light for summer. I also love that the tank is styled with another tank under, which is much more realistic to me than wearing just a knitted tank by itself. Whenever I see a knit tank alone, I always wonder how someone can wear it with just a bra and not feel "exposed".

I love the drape of the cowl and the texture of the fabric on this piece. And it's possible that I'm being seduced by a great colorway and photo set.

The other thing I'm loving right now is Caret, a Romi Hill design:
The wrap is so cute and the colors are classic and nautical. I could totally see throwing this in my purse to fight the AC in the summer. I know we've looked at chevrons before, but I love this for the irregular striping and aged look. Just an excellent combo of color and pattern.

Do you have any summer favorites?
- YX

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