04 June 2013

WIP: Meridien

I haven't shown you my Meridien in awhile, so here are a few in-progress shots:

The back fits pretty well! I'm pleased with the length too, which is quite a bit longer than I initially expected. 

I really like the way the back panel looks, but I'm not super thrilled with the curve of the flounce and back (which is intentional in the pattern):

Here's a detail of the flounce area:
I'm on to the dreaded sleeves now (ugh!)... I'm still not entirely convinced that this doesn't want to be a vest. Can I talk myself into that? No sleeves? On something wool?

- YX


  1. Pretty!! I think you should make the sleeves. I actually enjoy making the sleeves, they're the fastest part of the sweater!

    1. I'm working on the first sleeve now... I think I'll modify if slightly from the pattern, though!