25 August 2013

Slowing down

I haven't been posting much due to a resurgence of work contracts and a substantial bout of illness... What an August!

I'm still queuing things, at least. And slowly working on my worsted sweater, which isn't very promising, as I haven't even gotten to the sleeve separation yet. Regardless, there's something on the needles, so that's a relief.

Anyway, here's some stuff I've queued:

On the Grass is a Joji sweater. The pattern page has some lovely interpretations, my favorite being this one by Rav user jettshin. If you haven't checked out jettshin's projects, you are absolutely missing some of the best needlework on the internet. She's like lightning, too. I have no idea how she finishes so many test items so quickly.

To continue the grass theme, I also love this slouchy Grassroots hat by Dandilion Girl Designs- a very simple toque/beanie with a cute little leaf pattern. Nothing particularly standout about the design, I just think it's a very nice combination of design elements, executed well.

Finally, I have Harbinger by LondonLeo, which is an incredibly wearable shawl with simple, geometric design elements. The angora/merino Lion Brand suggested looks fabulous in the sample, and makes me want to knit this immediately.

Yum. Too bad "winter" won't start here for another two months!
- YX


  1. I especially like that sweater! It's tough to pull off variegated yarns in a garment so well.

    1. Agreed! It seems like a super fun project for those difficult multicolored skeins. I can't wait to try it out!

  2. Harbinger is fantastic! I was one of the test knitters and I absolutely love this shawl. I use it all the time.