23 January 2014

FO: Wee Austin Hoodie

This post contains spoilers about the Ysolda Teague Mystery Knit Along, "Follow Your Arrow". Proceed with caution...Again!

I finished the baby sweater I was working on last time:

It's blocking right now. Although the hospital has some decent AC, I definitely miss being able to block things under the ceiling fan in my guest room. One night under the fan, and anything was ready to go.

I'm excited to get home and take some nice images of all these FOs, but sadly it's looking like I'll be here until the beginning of March sometime. Our baby will probably be in the NICU at first, so either I'll keep producing lots of knitted things, or I'll end up going radio silent again for a few weeks.

I'm still working along on the Ysolda KAL, and this time chose clue B, the short row clue. Here's the progress:

Sigh... All this terrible photography!

Anyway, I like the way this weird geometric thing is shaping up. I can't wait to see the next clue set!

- YX

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  1. That little sweater is so adorable, especially with a hood! :-)