24 May 2012


So remember our May sponsor, Sheepy Time Knits? She just (and I do mean just) tweeted this awesome photo of her Avengers-themed yarn!

I'm not much of a comic book person, but this is awesome on many levels:

1) The colors are based on characters: (L to R) Captain America, Loki, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thor, Black Widow, and Hulk.

2) It's really easy to READ those colorways to determine the character. Look at the Black Widow skein! I love it!

3) The bases are specific to the character. Captain America's, for instance, has a bit of sparkle. Hulk's is a bulky weight yarn.

Awesome, right? Which is your favorite?

If you like what you see, maybe you should consider entering the giveaway for more awesome yarn from Sheepy Time!

- YX


  1. So cool!!! I loved the film and now I want all of the yarns ;)

  2. I love Thor, Black Widow & Hawkeye almost equally - with just a smidgen more love for Black Widow!

  3. For some reason, I really like Iron Man.