21 May 2012

Retail love: Allsaints Spitalfields

Have you ever found a clothing store that fits your personal style so closely that you could see yourself wearing everything they offer? While in London, I found All Saints, a cute little store with a great window display:

Vintage sewing machines! The store is a chain, and I saw a few different shops during my wanderings... Everything I saw in the store is something I could see myself wearing, which is quite an accomplishment. Soooo how about I share some cool knitwear from the store?

The Jagger Cardigan is gorgeous and drapey without being fussy. Would be super pretty over a lace or satiny tank.

Next is the Summer Court Jumper Dress in a similar color. I love the diversity of patterns here, not just in texture but also in opacity. I'd love to see densities mixed like this on a knit pattern. I bet there would be quite a bit of picking up stitches!

The Paleka Pullover makes use of some awesome drop stitches and cables. This sweater over a neon tank? Love it.

Love them all! Too bad the brand, as cute as it is, is WAY out of my price range for clothing! I'll never understand how people can afford expensive stuff like that! I have yarn to buy!

But you don't! You can get some for free right here!
- YX

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  1. I love the window displays at All Saints but I know what you mean about the prices - ouch!