01 January 2013

December winner and happy 2013!

Hey everyone! I was getting entries until late in the evening, so I'm picking my winner today!

The random number generator says #4 is my winner... Though I accidentally closed the window instead of copying the image! You'll have to just trust me on this one. Our winner is... sch4gators! Congrats! The shop will be getting in touch with you to get your certificate on the way.

For everyone else, I'd like to wish you a super happy 2013! I want to take a month off of giveaways for January, but they'll be back!

I've been working on a new sweater project. There's not much to show currently:

It's the beginnings of Obsidian. Remember when I wrote about it earlier? I realized this Wollmeise lace in "Die Auster" was the perfect match for it. I love this colorway, even though the greens and yellows don't particularly lend themselves to skin tone. This is the same colorway (but different base) from my Autumn hat, which I think I completed pre-blog.

This is a bulky hat knit out of 5 strands of Wollmeise held together simultaneously. It was actually pretty close to gauge! At the time, I even took a picture of my 5 adorable mini-cakes (cupcakes?) because they were so cute:
Anyway, on the sweater, I'm past the raglan increase and in the midst of some decreases for the waist right now. Soon, I'll be moving onward to hip increases! The pattern is done in garter stitch using a wrap-and-turn technique that makes it possible to do the whole thing in knit stitches... Excellent tv knitting. I'll have to take some more photos as I move along!

Happy new year to you all, and I hope you have a great 2013! Any knit-related resolutions out there? Mine is always to use more of my stash...



- YX

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