21 January 2013


Last week, I was out of town doing videography for a wedding. It was a beautiful celebration, and the bride and groom (my cousin and her fiance) looked so happy on their big day.

The cold January day made me think about wedding knitting. Did you make a shawl for your wedding? Perhaps for bridesmaids? I know there have been quite a few wedding dress projects on Ravelry, even! I can't imagine being dedicated enough for a whole dress, and these are just gorgeous. I found some great patterns that would work for a wedding, too. Check them out...

1930's Inspired Gown by Catherine Jeandel-- wow. This would be gorgeous in ivory, with several more repeats at the bottom to brush against the ground. The open back is beautiful.

#21 Lace Dress by Shirley Paden for Vogue Knitting. I love this for a City Hall wedding.

Principesa Dress by Sarah Wilson. I love this voluptuous dress with the drapey lace cowl. So romantic and would respond well to lengthening. 

I love these dresses! Unfortunately for me, I lack the discipline to finish anything remotely as involved. In fact, I have a #32 lace shawl that I began to knit for my wedding, but gave up on it quickly:
I guess it ended up being alright, since we got married in Key West in April-- the temperature wouldn't have been kind to a wooly me:
- YX

(Reminder to get some free yarn!)

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