22 April 2013

Recently Queued and Excitement

Did you all have a good weekend? I spent a bit of mine cleaning up around the house, because I'm expecting guests. Also, on Saturday I got the prize for my May Giveaway, and it's awesome and I can't wait to share it with you!

In other news, I've queued quite a few things recently. Here are a few.

Toft Racer Vest via the Toft Alpaca Shop. I love this simple top; it reminds me of the kind of fluttery, simple things I like to sew. The front of the vest is fairly plain, and the knit would be quick and could work in a variety of fibers for summer (rayon, I'm looking at you!)

Sperry, a design by Amy Miller, is all over my Rav RSS feed. It's gorgeous and summery. It doesn't hurt that the model is wearing the heck out of the sweater in the featured photos. The lower hem is selling this for me. A simple sweater with a classic detail like that... It really elevates what would otherwise be kind of basic. And the sample color scheme is killin' it for me.

Next is Cleo Malone's Chevron Bamboo Tunic. In a bamboo or cotton, it'd make an excellent coverup. Something about pairing this with cutoff denim gives me a music festival vibe. I love that the pattern page shows the garment with and without the belt, too. There's one FO with images for the pattern, too, and it's just as cute as this one.

So there we are, Monday! Lots of things to knit, once I finally get through my Meridien flounce.

- YX


  1. Awh yeah! A good summer tank! I am perpetually in search of great warm-weather knits. : )

  2. You always queue such beautiful things :)

    1. I have to give my Rav friends credit... Most of it is stuff I saw others queue!