16 May 2013

Queued: Sunny Delight Shawl

How cute is this? It's Brian Smith's Sunny Delight shawl.
It'd be a great scrappy shawl, especially if you had some great complimentary colors you could cut with a neutral. Seascape colors- mint, navy, light blue, a cream, sand... AMAZING.
The increases are a nice design element, too, and I like how the swaths of color overlap in a natural way. So pretty.
BEST PART ALERT: It's ONE BRITISH POUND. That's like, $1.60! And the best part? I'm gifting this pattern to the first person who replies to this post! 

- YX


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, really! Shoot me your Ravelry name (here or at yarnexploder at gmail dot com) and I'll shoot it over!

    2. Thank you!! It's toilandtrouble on Rav :)

  2. Oh wow! How cool are you! I love this shawl. I am now lookijg at lots of multi color shawls in re-thinking one for my mom. This one is a winner. Very nice.

  3. And congrats to Ana! Slipped past that but cool you won this!

  4. Eu adoro esse xale e gostaria muito de confecciona-lo...