26 March 2012

FO: Blanket Square

One of the best things about Ravelry is that, despite being a huge community of over 2,000,000, people still connect on a personal level.

I belong to a group on the website that has a 10,000-person membership (although it's arguable that even 1/3 of these members are "active")... One of our members had posted a few times talking about her husband, who had been suffering from a few health ailments. As time went on, her stories became sadder, until she recently posted that his life has unfortunately and unexpectedly ended.

A bunch of us rallied together and decided to make her a blanket. The great thing about these kinds of knitted blankets is that they require the tiniest bit of material and effort, but allow many people to come together to make something beautiful. I joined forces with some friends on Twitter to buy a skein of Tosh Vintage and do some squares:
The great thing about this square is that I was able to knit it entirely patternless, since it was exactly the same as the other blanket I'm working on:
I love the miters, which are made by yarning over and then KTBL on the next round. It makes a nice square with no eyelets and no pulling.
Also, I freaking love my 50mm lens. Yum.

I did the EZ Sewn Bind off on the square, sewed up the hole in the middle, and blocked it out. I am NOT a fan of yellow as an apparel color. My olive skin tone means yellow makes me look positively green... So I am super happy to be able to play with the color. I meant to send it off in the mail today (along with some other packages, but my local PO at work is open for a whopping TWO HOURS each day, so tomorrow, it'll be.

I love blankets. I need to finish mine, even though the cold weather is basically over. I still get cold in the AC, so perhaps I can find a use for it, after all?

- YX