12 March 2012

Queued: Summer Flies

I'm going to a wedding on Saturday, and although the weather's looking to be nice, you can never really predict the coolness in a conditioned space at this time of year. The temperature ping-pongs from 55 to 80 in a span of a day (sometimes mere hours!). I plan on taking my Texelle for warmth, but perhaps I'll be better prepared for wedding season if I can get this on the needles:

This is Donna Griffin's Summer Flies shawl, a lacy little number that adds knitted pretty to an outfit without making you sweat off your face spackle. Using layered but simple geometrics, Donna creates a semi-circular shawl that won't look too busy or bulky with summer fabrics. The butterfly lace is pretty but subdued, and not all "LOOK AT ME" juvenile.

If popularity is any indicator, this shawl must be awesome. At 3,338 current projects, it's not a diamond in the rough, but rather a simple piece that could show off some awesome yarn in the cotton/linen/rayon family. In fact, I have some Araucania Ruca which may be up for the task: it's a plant fiber-based yarn. Here, let me show you a terrible photo of it:

In reality, it's not nearly as MULTI MULTI as it seems. The color changes are subtle, and may end up making a delicious sorbet-inspired FO.

I love the edging detail on this. I'm beginning to feel like blocked points are the cop-out of shawl design. Not that they aren't generally gorgeous, but who wouldn't feel super accomplished after a bind-off row FULL OF NUPPS? I bet you'd be taking a break from nupp-related activities after this one...

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- YX

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  1. I have this on the needles right now in a fingering weight black/red. That last lace section is possibly the easiest, most TV-knitting-friendly lace I've ever done.