21 March 2012

WHERE have you BEEN?!

Hello, Exploders! Miss me? I was in Orlando for a business trip, which afforded me very nice weather and (sadly) zero yarn shops.
I did get the chance to knit a little bit on the plane, but it was just more of the Brownstone, so nothing much to note. The sweater is knitted from the bottom up, and the sleeves are supposed to be knitted first and joined to the body, but I've decided to knit the body upward, then provisionally cast on for the sleeves and knit the yoke, then come back to the provisional and knit the sleeves last. I'm not confident that the yoke would be perfect for the desired sleeve length, so I'm taking those steps to be as accurate as possible. This is my first sweater for my husband, so I want it to be as close to perfect as I can get.

I've added two new things to my queue, which I find particularly intriguing from a colorwork standpoint.

The first is Encadre, by the lovely Julie Hoover:
I love this little cowl's geometric grid, and the laceweight yarn means it's a good candidate for shawl leftovers. The simple grid leaves room for serious color exploration. I'd personally do a color scheme that is super current and trendy-- light grey and fluorescent yellow:
I'd knit this in linen for early summer, and make it about twice as long so it feels scarfy. 

The other pattern I've been looking at is Locale, a shawl with some neat little blocks of color:
The shawl has 3 distinct color bands using 2 skeins of yarn. The middle band (where the blocks are) is created by alternating the edging color with the top edge color, creating a slow transition. I love the concept. I think it would be cool to see on a sweater, too. 

Anyone have similar projects they love? Show me! Also... Don't forget to enter:

- YX

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