13 July 2012

Queued: Hakusa

There's a shawl in my future... In the interest of full disclosure, it's likely Rock Island, and it's likely going to be done in Schaefer yarn's Audrey base in this color.

But I have a ton of queued/planned projects. I still have all that black alpaca and I have a sweater design I need to swatch and crank out sooner rather than later.

But there's this:

It's called Hakusa and it's by Kirsten Johnstone, who might very well be my new favorite person, ever. Seriously, click on that link and look at her designs. So cute, contemporary, and simple. Perfect perfect perfect.
I love how feminine this is without resorting to lace. Even the ruffles are edgier- like torn chiffon- than deliberate. The sheer vs opaque parts set up an opportunity for experimenting with tonality. This is probably my favorite recently-found queued items.

Other colors, you say? OKAY:
Kirsten Johnstone, you are adorable. We need to be friends who meet up at a PoMo coffee shop and talk about Rem Koolhaas between cups of extremely strong tea. You are the best.

Know what else is great about this pattern? It's a scrap magnet. The small version is like 170 yards and the big one is 330. I have tons of leftover lace that could work with that. In fact, I have leftover qiviut that would look excellent.

Love her.
- YX

(Get some yarnnnnn!)

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