16 February 2013

FO: Rikke

Finally got some images of a hat that has been languishing in my project bag while I focused on Obsidian. The pattern is Rikke, a simple, slouchy, garter stitch toque that definitely has unisex appeal. I'd absolutely wear this if it weren't meant for a family member...

The texture on this is fabulous. I really wish I knew what the yarn was... This was mystery stash, label-less and very pretty. It's definitely a cashmere/merino blend, but I can't recall anything else about it. The yarn gave the hat some excellent texture:

It's soft but substantial, and the hat fits well, although a bit loose on my teeny little head, it'll fit most normal people quite well. The pattern is well-written and free, which is always nice! The only issue I had with the construction was the seam-like line that runs up the back of the hat. It's where the knits switch over to purls on the next round, leaving a little line. My assumption is that slipping the first stitch there would diminish the seam-y look, similarly to the method of slipping stitches to create jogless stripes. Maybe I'll give that a shot next time...
My husband normally doesn't wear hats so far back on his head, but the slouchyness of this hat kind of requires a laid-back fit, I think. The crown of the hat decreases quickly, coming to a little point, which makes the back of the hat a bit poofy. These photos were taken pre-block, and after blocking, the hat seems a bit rounder at the back. It did take some pinning to coerce it into place, though.

So much space in the slouch! I could probably sneak an entire extra hat back there!

- YX


  1. Such a gorgeous hat! The yarn and the pattern were a great match, it looks so soft and cozy.

    x Julie
    ♥Julie Rose Sews♥

    1. Thank you!!! I hope the recipient finds it useful. Quite warm!