27 February 2013

Roundup: Knits on the Net

Are there any knitting skills you'd like to learn, but just aren't comfortable self-teaching? It looks like Craftsy is giving away free knitting classes! I don't know how they've been able to make them free, or how long they'll be offered for free, but you can bet I'll be loading up my cart with as many as possible!

Have you ever knit clothing items for your pets? How about a sweater for a snake?

BBC News covers knitting prisoners on Robben Island. It always seems like knitting programs in prison are successful in helping inmates pass the time constructively. 

What do you think about this knitting shop that sells designer goods knit by "grannies"? I'm a little dismayed that they're not getting any compensation... 

KnitPicks shows you five ways to tie a long scarf. I'm reminded of this adorable scarf-tying video. Do you have a better way to tie?

A Minnesota church started a knitting collective for refugees and immigrants. Not only do they make new friends, but they knit prayer shawls for the needy. Excellent!

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- YX


  1. When I first clicked through to the Craftsy classes, they were all free, but after I picked one and registered for Craftsy, I went back and the majority of them had returned to their regular prices. I'm not sure if the time window is over, or whether it's just a first-class introductory thing?

  2. Craftsy classes are offered at discounted prices several ties a year. Some are discounted more than others. Some never seemed to be discounted. I took the free short rows class by Carol Feller. It was great....