10 February 2013

Hand knitting

What happened to my week? I can't believe it's already Sunday...

I happened upon this Lifehacker post that shows a method for knitting without needles:
I find it interesting... My biggest needles are a whopping size US 50, which I've used once or twice on those lovely, bulky cowls that are quick gifts. Although I don't think this kind of knitting is generally something I'd be interested in playing with too much, it would be effective for making a bath mat with some cotton rope or old towel strips.

It also reminds me somewhat of finger knitting:
For me, this kind of stuff is so fun to teach kids. I remember being at Girl Scout camp as a kid, making quick friendship bracelets by using the finger crochet method:
Have you guys ever tried any of these "hand knitting" methods? Do you think they have the potential to do more than just basic items?

- YX


  1. I feel like such a muggle having never known any of the above.

    1. I didn't know, either... Except for the finger crochet. Great for a provisional crochet cast on, even if you're hookless.

      I used a knitting spool growing up, too, but it just made tons of rope/cord in the round, which you then had to spiral to make a hat or rug or whatever. I remember thinking it took way too much time! Haha, if only I'd known...

  2. I'm not sure I could do without my beloved needles :) But I spent many a happy hour fingerknitting as a kid - a long ball of yarn...

    1. So much agree. In fact, every time I add a new tool to my kit, I wonder how I did without it. My interchangables were probably the biggest eye opener for me!