13 October 2011

Queued: Caliper Hat

Know what I love?

Hats. I love a good, quick hat. People don't wear hats anymore; what's up with that? 

There are a ton of knit patterns for hats, but I find that the vast majority of them fall into one category: winter hats. I've told you before that I live in Houston. Today, it's 84 degrees out, but it still feels like the surface of the sun, so many of these heavy, bulky hats that make most people look like sexy snow bunnies are laughable here. I crack up when I see women in Houston wearing faux fur or shearling boots. It's 40 degrees in the winter. 

So I'm relegated to hats that exist purely for the fashion. Things that are effortless in their presence, and I find that these are the most difficult patterns to find. It has to have slouch. It has to have drape. And it has to be something fun and interesting to knit.  You know who pulls off sexy knit hats flawlessly? P!nk. Mr. Kangaroo agrees. 

When I see a hat that has the qualities I'm looking for, the combination is usually off: It's too slouchy. The yarn choice is integral to the design, but I hate it. The stitch pattern is unappealing to me. There's too much going on. There's not enough going on. I'm obviously way too hard to please. 

Well, here's one I love. 

It's called Caliper, and the designer is Tori Gurbisz. Her pattern is $5.50, and available as a Ravelry download. It is so many things that I love: Rock and roll. Simple and effortless in style. Had a cable element that is 100%, pure, unadulterated liquid sex. I love the decreases and detail on the cap:
This hat is exactly the reason why I will never be an awesome knitwear designer, period. She has a beanie version in worsted, but it's this DK toque version that has my heart aflutter. I love the yarn choice, too! One skein of Viola Silky and you're done! I ALSO love that this pattern only has 10 projects as of right now-- I love new things! 

But seriously, check out Tori's blog. I love this hat, but the more I read, the more I adore her sense of style and ability to pair yarns with designs. 

Hey, this Thursday post thing is killing me; I'm getting the screaming wants!!!

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