17 October 2011

Trend: Owls

Okay, owls have been around for several seasons, and definitely aren't a new trend, but I keep seeing them come across my Ravelry "friend activity" feed. My college mascot was an owl, and I've always had a soft spot for them. They're also symbols associated with wisdom, the Goddess Athena, and even the Illuminati. Regardless of occult involvement, they seem to be everywhere, and I've taken this trend's popularity as a rare opportunity to stock up on owl-related goods to support my Alma Mater (Go Rice!). 

The knitter owl craze kicked off hard with Kate Davies's Owls sweater. So cute and funky. I definitely like the knit as shown, but it's also cute with eyes on just one owl (preferably one that isn't in the center!)

But now, aside from seeing this cabled motif on all sorts of things, I feel like owl patterns are popping out everywhere. Look at this mooshy Big Snowy Owl stuffie from Purl Soho:

How about Amy Gillespie's omg so freaking cute Owl hat:

And a sweet minimalist plushie Owl Pattern from Linda Dawkins over at Natural Suburbia:

They're showing up all over the place. 
(Clockwise from Top Left: Garnet Hill Owl Sheets, print by UnitedThread,  Alexander Henry Owl Fabric, Tee by PRVCY, Owl wall vinyl by SimpleShapes, Owl earrings by McKee Arts, Lunchbox by Skip Hop)

I think I'll celebrate the owls today with this necklace I picked up last week! 



  1. Owl puffs have cropped up as well. They're everywhere.

  2. http://hitchcock.tv/mov/birds/images/birds.jpg
    Tippi Hedren does not appreciate this.

  3. Owls are definitely more terrifying than crows in the unlikely case of malevolent attacks.

    I'm really digging the owl linens. Too bad they're probably a billionty dollars.

  4. Garnet Hill's sheets are surprisingly affordable, but I can't seem to find the owls on there anymore. Pottery Barn Kids has some, but I don't know how they'd do in the art of seduction...

  5. I can't believe no one has demanded that you show your hooters.