31 October 2011

Trend: Halloween

Okay, you know it had to be done. Just a quick roundup of some of my favorite Halloween patterns!

Wee Sandy's crocheted Eyeballs:

This amazing Mermaid Set by Melody's Makings:

Hallowig, by Megan Reardon. I'm sorry, but browsing the FO's is a riot. ESPECIALLY BABIES! This FO is made by Knitsmith, who has 154 projects, all of which appear to be flawless!
Okay, I'm sorry, but this photo makes my day. I bet I could eradicate any bad mood by bringing this post up at looking at this kid in this hair hat. I'm cracking up!

There's the ever-popular Fish Hat by Thelma Egberts, which made me snort the first time I saw it:

Maybe a little witch doll? Purl Soho can hook you up. My friend Liz from my knit group just finished one of these and it was SO cute! (I did have to ask her why she was making a miniature version of me...)

I'm going to work dressed as a late 50's/ early 60's secretary, since I already have the outfit and glasses. I'm practicing my beehive french roll, too! Not many people downtown dress up for Halloween, but a little vintage look is enough to be festive without going full-on costume. I'm also a big fan of just wearing clip-in devil horns, weird color contacts, or those stick-on vampire teeth. Something small that can be removed for meetings, if needed. I can take off my glasses and just look like I shop at Banana Republic this year. Here's a photo of my makeup and outfit test-run:
What you can't see: knee-length tweed skirt, sensible shoes, white kid gloves, skinny belt, and my winged eyeliner! So much fun! Now to get the hair in shape. I don't know how those women did it!

Happy Halloween!

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