04 October 2011

Cascade Baby Sweater / Wollmeise 100%

Here's video 2:
Ravelry Pattern page
I loved this sweater. I didn't really have any challenges with it, due to previous sweater knitting experience! The leaf motif was kind of annoying, because the main repeats were at the top of the pattern, so after working part of the way down the page, I had to scroll back up to refer to that repeating pattern. Honestly, that's a quibble at best, because the pattern is so easy and cute! I love the photos, which were a great mix of detail and overall shots, and I REALLY loved the bottom and button band pattern, which had a seed-stitchy effect without the pain of doing full-on seed stitch. 

Wollmeise 100% "Nicole" page
Wollmeise is a 100% superwash merino fingering weight yarn, which is great for all kinds of garments. I've done quite a few projects with it, and I'm always pleased with the wear, warmth, and color of the yarn. 

See ya in a week!

1 comment:

  1. Love the baby cardie! Super cute.

    Also, I love your trick for sewing the ribbon. I really liked a lot of patterns in "Modern Top Down Knitting" but they wanted a lot of finishing, which was a turn off for me. Knowing a real person actually finished a button band with ribbon helps with my finishing phobia.