17 April 2012

Downton FAB-bey

I don't normally talk about pop culture here, but I definitely have a few favorite knit-friendly shows. It seems, like everyone else, I've somehow accumulated an addition Downtown Abbey.

For those of you who don't know, Downton Abbey is a PBS show about an Earl and Countess in England, their family, and staff at their beautiful house in Yorkshire:

The house is real, but the story is best classified as historical fiction. It covers some important events (the suffrage movement stuff is some of my favorite), but in my opinion, the good stuff is in the daily relationships of the family and staff.

It's hard to knit to this show, because I feel like I'll miss all the gorgeous details. The wardrobe department for the show is outstanding, and like other knitters, I've picked up on some gorgeous knitwear in the show:

The first one is now available on Ravelry, in a pattern Ivete Tecedor. The second is un-patterned as of yet, but it's a simple ribbed cardigan with a charmeuse or satin edging. Simple things with beautiful details.

Two other patterns have been all over my Ravelry feed lately, which seem to have the same sensibility to them. The first is Caramel, by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud. It features a velvet ribbon edging and lots of little buttons:
This is just insanely gorgeous with jeans. I love the ruffled blouse that the model's wearing, too, which just accentuates the femininity of the soft fabric (who knew Rowan Felted Tweed could look SO SO mushy?). It'd also look great with a simple lace-edged camisole.
Aaaaaaaah LOVE IT.

The other is Marnie MacLean's Regent, which was done for Twist Collective:

WHAT. WHAT. WHAT. Marnie MacLean, we need to have a talk. If you continue to design freaking ridiculously beautiful sweaters, my queue is going to explode and no one will hear from me again. I'll have locked myself in my house, with hundreds of WIPs around me, crying for "just one more row!"
I love a sweater that looks as good going away as it does coming toward you. Too many gorgeous sweaters have what I call the "default" back. Great detailing on the front, and nothing but stockinette on the back. The belt MAKES this sweater, too. You have to do the belt. A ribbon belt would be sexy on this, too. I'd pick some raw silk or charmeuse for it, in a lavender or matched to the yarn, if possible.

I can't end this post without mentioning that Maggie Smith, who plays my absolute favorite character on the show, has asked to be written out of the series to work on other projects. This is obviously completely devastating to me, since her special brand of sassy creates some of the best comic relief on the show. Oh Mags, can't we work it out?
- YX

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  1. GOOD NEWS: The official Downton Abbey twitter confirmed this morning that Dame Maggie is not leaving the show!


  2. DAMMIT. I didn't know she was going to be written out. SO SAD NOW.

  3. Um, also, I am kind of in love with both of those sweaters!

  4. I have this sickness where I want to yell at you to blog more. Because my queue is not quite five hundred items yet.