02 April 2012

Queued: Fuse

I'm having serious issues with sweaters lately. I see so many I want to knit, and my desire for smaller (easier! faster!) items like socks, shawls, and hats has totally waned. It's kind of disappointing, actually, because I want to be a versatile knitter, and I'd like to get more gratification than sweater knitting affords. In this fast-paced world of now! now! now!, can't a girl just want a fingering weight sweater to fly off the needles in a week? I'm not that good.

So shame on me for queuing (and loving) yet ANOTHER sweater.
Well, hello there, little Fuse cardigan. This pattern was designed by Veronik Avery for Jared Flood/ Brooklyn Tweed. Damn, you, Flood! I'm not even done with your Brownstone, and you're already weaseling your way back into my project bag!

This cardigan is so gorgeous, knit in a worsted weight, which makes it a cute little spring jacket or a nice winter layering piece. What's particularly compelling is the front, which is achieved by pulling corner of the front  upward, creating the drapey cowl and sexy diagonal line across the front:
I really dislike the length, though. For someone as tall as I am, these cuts never hit in the cute crop region. They always expose too much torso, and look odd with the longer tanks I keep in my wardrobe. I'd definitely lengthen this slightly to cover the fly on my jeans.
It's cute open, too, but feels a little short to me, still. Maybe this is a product of knowing that I can alter any knitting pattern to fit me as desired, which makes me pickier about fit and length on my specific body type. Obviously, I have to be careful in lengthening the pattern: the "cowl" will get looser and more open as the cardigan lengthens, so I have to watch for that.

I love the way it all comes together at the neck, though. Gorgeous:
The pattern calls for Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter worsted, which I haven't had the pleasure of trying out yet, so I might have to give it a shot... I can see this being a fall project. As if I didn't have enough in my queue already!

Okay, have a great day! Don't forget to check out the stitch markers in my newest giveaway!
- YX

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  1. I knit Juneberry using the Shelter in Worsted weight, and I liked it but I did get tired of pulling bits of grass and leaves out of the yarn as I knit with it.