27 April 2012

Queued: Stuff

So I was REALLY hoping to show you photos of Andrew's finished Brownstone, but I failed super hard... I have mere inches to go on the neck, so I'll save it for the next non-giveaway post, which will be from LONDON! Woot!

I still have so much to do to get ready, and we're leaving tomorrow. Yikes! So what will I do? I'll show you things I've queued recently instead of doing things I need to do! Hooray!

Remember the Beekeeper quilt? Stephanie from Tiny Owl knits posted these cute Alice in Wonderland-inspired White Rabbit Wrist-ees
This is definitely a case of super effective fiber and color pairing. The stripes are beautifully soft and spaced perfectly. Inspiration photos are included on the pattern page, too, which is nice. I love seeing any part of the process.

The next one is Kirsten Kapur's Unsinkable, which is straight-up color seduction, too:
"What is that beautiful yarn?" you're obviously asking yourself. "It's the most amazingly seafoamiest tealyblue and I want to hug it. Also, is that a nipple on that statue? And buttcrack?! Sicko. Can she even show that on her website? Jeez, at least give us an NSFW warning!" .... And my answer is, I like that yarn, too! It's Wooly Wonka Fibers Avianrhod Sock, which is new to me and now I'd like to go buy some pleaseandthankyou.

Final queued item is Kirsten Johnstone's Kakomu, which is just plain fun to say:
I like how modern this is. And is that a tie-thingy holding it closed? The world needs more tie-thingys. This is so pretty with jeans, and just looks dressy without trying too hard. The exposed seams on the shoulders really work, too. I'll definitely be putting this one toward the top of the queue. A light grey (as shown) would do double duty in the fall and spring. 

As for trip knitting, I plan on casting on my Pinctada-wrap-hybrid thing, which will at least be wearable in the summer. Issues that could arise:

1) What kind of yarn do I have for this? Caussssse merino isn't going to work. 
2) When will I have time to knit? My plane flies overseas at night, so I plan on sleeping most of the time
3) Am I really going to continue to let my other knitting languish? YES I AM. 

Alright, next time we chat I'll be telling you who won the rad stitch markers, so enter quickly! Then I'll show you May's item, which just came today! So excited!

- YX


  1. whyyyy did you have to show me that shawl??? I wants it! AND SPARKLEH!!

  2. The last sweater is gorgeous! :)

  3. Safe travels! I can't wait to see the Brownstone, I need to get back to work on my husband's!