03 August 2012

And so it begins...

So remember all those discussions about what I was going to do with the black alpaca yarn? Well, despite the multiple options I'd looked at, when it finally came time to cast on for the project, I ended up with something completely different.

Something like this:

This is Jaina, a sweater by Thayer Preece that was featured in Twist Collective's Winter 2011 issue. It's gorgeous but simple, which is what I need for such a dark yarn. But there are some really lovely details:

They pretty little decorative stitches will get lost in the yarn, but upon closer inspection, they'll create a nice texture. Love the back, too:
Love it.

Now the problem is, I've started knitting. I have two pocket linings and the beginning of the bottom of the sweater. And although I have a ton of this yarn, I'm petrified that I'm going to run out.

With about 3" of sweater completed, I'm looking at the yarn thinking, "I won't be able to do it"... If one ball of yarn is netting me two measly pockets and 3" of knitting, how can I possibly make a whole sweater with the remaining 7 balls? 2 of them will be used for sleeves, which leaves me with 5 for the rest of the body! It seems like too little! Since I got this yarn at an alpaca farm near my parents' house, I'm concerned that I won't be able to get more of it when needed. What if the specific alpaca ended up with male pattern baldness? What if he's trying out a new punk hairdo? I can't imagine frogging the whole thing.

Or I'm paranoid. Knitting DK on size 5 needles is maddening at best-- I miss my comfortable 7's! Someone please tell me I'm not alone, here...



  1. I think you'll have enough, don't worry. :D

  2. Alpaca will grooooooow with blocking, so you could always keep the length and sleeves a teensy bit on the short side and expect it to block out longer.

    Could you add in a little extra waist shaping or cut back on the width of the rolled collar to conserve yarn?

    ...Okay, so I looked back at your older posts and you have 1600yds of this yummy stuff? I bet you'll be good to go.

  3. I'm always amazed at how far yarn will stretch. I think you'll be fine. :)