09 August 2012

WIP: Jaina

I have gotten so much done on my Jaina, guys! Look!
What's that you say? You have no idea what that is? It's not even discernible as a knitted object?

You're RIGHT! Man, this yarn is so freaking dark. It's undyed! It's still this dark! Dark like the night! Dark like my soulll! I mean, I haven't really worked with black yarn, aside from my Star Crossed Beanie, which was a great product, but cabling was very difficult due to my inability to accurately detect errors:

The end result was a disaster (more on that another day), but with this sweater, I seem to be doing well. Heck, it's mostly stockinette stitch. Boring. Simple. The details on the pockets are what make it interesting. Unfortunately, they're not super clear, either:
The fuzziness of the yarn is pretty well eating them, and the slight rolling of the pocket edge isn't helping. I'm holding the pocket to the lining with a single stitch marker to keep it from drooping and pulling on the fabric as I knit.

It's a little disappointing to feel like black yarn has thwarted me again, but I'm happy with the fabric. And did I mention that I'm not even finished with the second skein yet? My concerns about running out of yarn may be entirely unfounded.

I'm working on waist decreases now, and I'll be zooming onward toward the sleeves! Stupid sleeves. I'll trade someone- you do my sleeves, and I'll wind and untangle anything you can throw at me. Deal?



(Get some patterns!)


  1. I don't mind sleeves and I'm sure I've got a pile of abandoned WIPs that need a little love...

    1. Abandoned WIPS, you say? I assume they all end up on an island next door to the Unloved Toys. Please, no one ask me about the rayon table runner... I don't even think I could figure out where I am within a repeat at this point!

  2. Even though it's a little boring with stockinette and black, I'm sure that this is going to be a favorite in the closet. It's very pretty and simple. Me like. :) And I love how the yarn is hairy in a soft kind of way, or so it seems. Looks delicious!

    1. I definitely agree. The simplicity will make it a great layering piece. I was hoping to end up with something that'd be good for curling up in... I think this will do the trick just fine. It's very soft stuff, not itchy at all. I love alpaca.

  3. If you're ok with seaming something for me, I'll knit the sleeves for you. :P

    And, girl, I know how hard it is to photography black yarn. It's maddening!

    1. Have you ever seen me seam something? There's a reason why I typically do top-down sweaters... I'm terrible at it! My mattress stitch is more like a sleeping bag, if you catch my drift!