24 August 2012

FO: Baby Tesla

I couldn't blog at all about my most recent FO, but now that it has been properly gifted, I can show you:
I have three lousy photos of the thing, because I didn't have time to take real photos before it went out the door, but seeing as it's just a simple baby sweater, I find the photos do it justice.

It's a simple raglan cardigan done in Wollmeise sock yarn. The colorway is Chim Chim Chimney, which I had left over from this project:

The image at top is more accurate to the color. I did the raglan increase, and knitted the front button band in garter stitch, which you can't see here. The back band is picked up and knitted on in normal ribbing, but I really liked the texture of the garter on the front.

I did little embroidered stars on it, which remind me a little of the sweater in the movie Coraline:

The embroidery wasn't easy to get right... I wanted it to look hand drawn/ scribbly, like the kinds of stars I drew as a kid. I tried all kinds of embroidery stitches and settled on a backstitch, which is super plain but I figured it'd be easy to pick out/remove if mom and dad don't like it.

The mom of the recipient has been looking at "science-y" middle names for her baby, so I thought the stars would fit in well. Maybe he'll be an astrophysicist some day!

I suggested she consider Tesla for a middle name, because he was a science badass and, obviously, because his name sounds super cool. Don't mess with Tesla!

- YX


  1. This is amazing! I'm so impressed by your embroidering. They look much better than the stars I used to draw as a kid. :-)

  2. You are the bestest. Stephen and I LOVE the sweater... and the Coraline reference, too! Thank you * 1,000,000! <3

  3. That is such a sweet sweater, the little scientist will always have a lucky star with him.

    1. I think I love everything about this.