06 August 2012

Trend: Chevrons

I love chevrons. There's something about them that seems nautical and summery. Stripes of any nature make my hands get grabby, so (naturally) I've been queuing the hell out of anything that even closely resembles them.

Have you ever noticed that someone will come out with a technique or motif, and suddenly, you're awash in buckets of patterns utilizing that same concept? The Kate Davie's Owls Sweater is a great example...

Luckily, someone decided it was time to create colorblocked chevrons using increase and decrease techniques instead of the standard staggering colorwork. I'm queuing them about as quickly as they're coming out.

Zigzag Tunic, Iryna Klionava:
BEAUTIFUL for summer. So cute with jeans or shorts. I love the sidways construction on this, which makes it so interesting, visually.

Missoni-Inspired Chevron blanket, Tangled Yarns:
Some day, I will ABSOLUTELY make this. Obsessed with how gorgeous it is.

Chevron Sleeveless top, Debbie Bliss:
Great for scraps!

Lucky no. 7, Jenny Faifel:
When I saw the black and white version in a pattern search: "OOH OOH OOH I NEED IT"... I have  no self control, obviously.

Striped Chevron Baby Blanket, Jenny DoomCrafter:

I love how chic this is-- it reminds me a bit of Charlie Brown's famous tee shirt, and the colors could be swapped out to match a nursery. What a trendy little baby gift that definitely transcends any "home made" judgement.

Oh chevrons... Marry me. You are sassy and geometric and just the right amount of plain for bright colors.

Okay, people, show me MORE! in the comments.
- YX

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  1. Ooh, ooh! I've made that blanket. It goes a lot faster than you'd think and it turned out sooo pretty. My parents loved it.

    Missoni Blanket

  2. That tunic looks awesome - I don't think it would look that great on me, sadly. Or maybe it would...