16 January 2012

FO: Texelle

Oooh! I love finishing a project that I featured as a Queued item. This time, I'm happy to report that Texelle is off the needles and blocked!

I love the finished product. It's warm, soft, and a beautiful color. A friend on Ravelry mentioned that it looks like soft metal, and I can definitely see that. Ahab is much greener in the skein than I thought it would be, but knitted up, the light and dark areas blend together really well. It's an idea semi-solid, with subtle heathering, which is SO HARD TO FIND in semi-solids.

Andrew and I went to Galveston this weekend, which is about 45 minutes from Houston. While the dogs went crazy on the beach, I got a few quick snaps. I was surprised at how well the shawl warmed me up.

So happy with the textures, and the lack of lace!!!

It's awesome as a bandanna, a traditional granny shawl, or worn off to the side (like the photo above), which is my favorite way to wear shawls like this. It's an easy wear, but depending on the slipperyness of the yarn, you may find yourself disliking it. The steps are simple:

1) Place shawl over left shoulder, with the point on the back of your shoulder (but not centered on your back)
2) Throw "front" end across chest, over right shoulder.
3) Lay "back" end on top, over the right shoulder, and let it hang down.

With this wrapping style, you get to see the edging and ends from the front, and the dramatic center yarn overs aren't cutting your back in half. Love it!

How do you wear your shawls?
- YX


  1. Beautiful, and I love your tip on how to wear a shawl. I love making them but the traditional way is not for me!

  2. I agree! The "granny" style is super hard to pull off in a fashionable way, in my opinion!

  3. eherm... I really love the shawl. and the yarn. It was a match made in heaven. :D

  4. I'm really SUPER SUPER happy with the finished product. I thought I'd look awful in the colorway, but it seems to really look nice with deep plums and blacks, so it's staying. :)