25 January 2012

Queued: Aphrodite

I love knitwear. I really do. But I have a complaint.

Now, wait a minute, come back! I think it's a fair complaint. The vast majority of knitwear exists in the realm of medium to bulky weight. When I say this, I mean comparatively. Look at the knit goods available in a clothing store. There's stuff like simple v-neck pullovers that are the teeniest machine stitches, knit shirts with completely indiscernible gauge, and accessories that are cobweb weight at best.

Relative to the rest of my wardrobe, my knitwear tends to fill the same textural application in a daily outfit: The large, soft, obviously-knitted niche. Which is why I'm obsessed with this:

Eeeeeeeeeeeep!! It's Aphrodite by Jamie Besel, and it doesn't even look like it's knitted! It's so flowy and translucent. I audibly gasped when I first saw it.

Upon further inspection, you can see some incredible detail and the teensy stitches. This is Habu 20/3 bamboo on size 1 needles. Look at the shoulder, attaching by what appears to be just a thread. 

The drape is incredible, too. I love the smocked appearance on the bottom, and the Grecian style of the overall design. This is so feminine and sexy, but still modest, for those of you who aren't high on low necklines.

The back and fronts are similar. The top is just enchanting. I could see so many variations on this top, including using the gathering concept to create a maternity tank with pleats over the midriff.

I can't imagine this in a color besides white/natural. Maybe a dove gray? Black would hide all of the incredible texture, and colors would seem distracting.

I would love to knit this one as soon as I get Versio off the needles. So many potential projects! I DO want to work on a pullover for Andrew, too, since we're married now and it won't mean the demise of our relationship.

Have a great day!
- YX


  1. That is really stunning! you are right, it does not look knit. I want one but I imagine it would take FOREVER :P I think it would be worth it though.

  2. I want one, too! I think we should get knitting karma points, able to be traded in on already-finished FOs, to our yarn and modification specs.


    some day...

  3. Holy crap, that's amazing! I would never, ever have the patience to make it, but I want it!