30 January 2012

Bulky Shrugs

I have 3 skeins of Araucania Liwen in my yarn stash... It looks like this:

It's a pretty mixture of beach glassy colors, and I have seriously struggled with what to do with 350 yards of it. As you can see, I started a big, foofy scarf in a herringbone stitch. Let us examine all the things that are so, so wrong with all of this:

First off, there is no edging on this sad little scarf square. I don't care if the world thinks I'm wrong, but at this point in my knitting life, I am a firm believer in the power of edgings- they just make things look so much cleaner, handmade and less "crafty". Have I mentioned my dislike for the term "crafty"? It conjures up images of pipe cleaners and glue guns, which just aren't the same, to me.

Secondly, I live in Houston, Texas, where What the Heck Am I Going To Do With This Giant Scarf? I already have a giant scarf that is currently vacationing in the outlands of Jacki's Closet, so why am I bothering with this?!

So obviously, I'll be tearing this little beauty out, in favor of something else. Maybe a bulky shrug that I can wear during the two weeks of spring that we have?

I found the #101 Shawl Collared Shrug by Sweaterbabe, which is adorable and classic:

Pretty in Misti by Kitman Figueroa could be super nice in the yarn:

And finally, the adorable Bazan by the adorable Jane Richmond. I swear, Jane Richmond could macrame a g-string and I'd queue it.

Or maybe an accessory? I'm not married to the idea of a bulky shrug, but I generally don't do well with things like knitted bags. Hmm....

Anyone have any suggestions?
- YX


  1. I think that if you do a shrug then it needs to be pretty plain to show off the yarn and also the yarn will overpower any pattern.

    It would make a lovely lined bag with wooden circular handles but I'd be concerned about pilling. The same thing would apply to something like a cushion cover.

    Hmmm, it's a tough one.

  2. It's gorgeous yarn, but I can see your dilemma! I was going to suggest switching the herringbone scarf for "my so called scarf" - even without an edge I think it looks fab. But if you don't want a scarf then I'm stuck!

    A shrug would be cute, although less patterning would be good for the yarn. Not sure if you're a capelet kind of person? Maybe that could work?