03 January 2012

Queued: BIGsessories

I love big, bulky accessories-- they're a great way to dress for the season without sweating when you finally get inside. I love my textured tunic, but the truth is that it's rarely cold enough to warrant pulling it out of the old knit bin.

So I have not just one, but TWO! awesome bigsessories for you.

I love a project that plays off of feminine facial features, and Eveli Kaur's Starflower does that so well. It's rustic and roomy and just the right kind of textural for the yarn.

I love the pairing of this with a leather jacket; there's a vintage feel to it. The pattern calls for Gedifra Highland Alpaca, which is a super bulky weight yarn that comes in a large array of colors... and is on sale at Jimmy Beans right now, coincidentally. I love the neutrals, but I might be tempted to use a teal yarn, too.

The pattern is $3.50, too, which makes me happy. All of Eveli's patterns are super cute and reasonably priced, which preys on my impulse-buy weaknesses. I want this hat, yo. Plain and simple.

The OTHER thing I queued was this big, sexy Marshmallow Fluff cowl, by Sarah Kraly. I want to put my face on it:

Yeah, just like that! FACE COWL!

How gorgeous is this thing? It looks like a five-second knit, in Classic Elite Twinkle Soft Chunky... But how does this photo make the yarn seem like it's a silk blend?! It's 100% wool, so I assume it'll pretty much save me from freezing high in the mountains of Houston*. Looking through the FO page, I'm drawn mostly to the solid projects, as opposed to the multis or semis. What a perfect gift opportunity, too! I love it! Big cowls are so hot this season, and I might be inclined to triple the length on this one and make it a mobius scarf, which I would wrap around my face about eighty times before passing out blissfully on a fainting couch, awash in my own fabulousness. Stop looking at me like that!

Simple knits in big yarns are so incredibly sexy, and have a wonderful way of contrasting with smaller knits to give textural variety without turning into the yarn monster. I definitely wouldn't wear these two items together, but they'd be amazing individually.

Yarn choices? Leave 'em in the comments!
- YX

*Houston is not freezing nor does it have mountains, but you catch my drift.


  1. Twinkle Chunky for that cowl. NOW!! It's soooo luxuriously silky feeling despite the absence of silk.

  2. I've never used it, but I'm compelled to find some!