27 February 2012

Queued: tops with drape

I recently queued two tops that share a similar design concept: small gauge, draped cowl necklines.

The first is Hannah Fettig's Framed Pullover:

This top calls for a fingering weight yarn, so any of the fun semi- and multi-colored sock yarns are fair game. I love the vibrant green on the model, despite the fact that I could never pull off such a beautiful hue. Green pulls out the olive tones in my skin, making me look even greener. It's a shame, too, because I have a gorgeous skein of Wollmeise in Wasabi that would nearly replicate the look:

Although the length of the top is perfect for current fashion (yeah, crops are coming back in... I refuse to share my midriff with the world again), I'd probably lengthen the hem to overlap with the waistband of my jeans. This would be so pretty in a plum, vibrant pink, or even the neutral families.

The other top is called Ropery, by Michaela Moores, and has a super low cowl, which is created in part by some great bias work:

Again, the pattern is fingering weight, and the openness of the front means you can pair the top with a visually-calming neutral tank, and go wild on yarn choice. See how the variegations are angled on the front piece, due to the bias knitting? Any semi or multi will emphasize that directionality. This is definitely not a pattern for everyone, since I'm sure some people won't appreciate the bulk across the stomach, but I think it has some interesting concepts that could be used in other ways.

I love cowls for their dramatic silhouettes and dressy-casual feel.

Finally, let me leave you with a reminder that my first giveaway is almost at an end! Only three more days to enter. Check back on March 1 for the winner! Good luck!

- YX

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