17 February 2012

Acquisition: Tosh!

Last weekend, I happened out to Nimblefingers, an awesome little yarn/needlework store in Houston. This store isn't as close to my house as others, but I'm drawn to it because they're my primary supplier of Madelinetosh yarn! I was initially looking for a skein of the mesmerizing Edison Bulb colorway, to continue feeding my neon craving:

Alas, they were out of it, but I managed to snag a skein of Tosh DK in "Pop Rocks":

I also happened upon a breathtaking skein of Lace in "Nostalgia":

I picked both up. I'm thinking the pink will team with the leftovers from my Raphaelite Shawl to make a pair of fingerless mitts. I think I'll improvise the pattern this time, instead of using a pre-written one.

The lace will become an airy dress of my own design, which is still in the nascent phases of sketching. More on that later.

And lastly, I got an awesome I got an awesome package from Sunrise Fiber Co., which included that skein of UFO I ordered after the Etsy shopping post.

Although the skein I got isn't quite as vibrant as the photo on Etsy, I think it's charming and balanced, and will make some awesome mitts or socks in the near future.

I keep saying I have way too much yarn in my life, and it's true. Luckily, I'm plugging away at stash as well as working on newer yarns. Perhaps I should do a clean out and offer up another giveaway? What would you like to win in a giveaway? Wollmeise? Tosh? Magic angel hair/qiviut? Let me know in the comments!
- YX


  1. it's too bad you didn't get that yellow, i adore it! I think the pink is a very nice neon compromise though. I WISH I had somewhere I could go locally to fondle madtosh in person!

  2. I have been lucky to have experienced madtosh already but only know wollmeise like some legend I have yet to prove is truly awesome.

  3. love the neon yellow tosh, but have yet to see it in person too! i also haven't seen the wollmeise yet in person either. i saw your post about the grab bags but still am having trouble navigating their site...
    love the projects you've posted--they keep convincing me i need to buy more yarn to try some of those patterns! :)

  4. I agree on all counts! Edison bulb, I will locate you somehow...