04 June 2012

Hot right now: Grey Twist Cardi

This cute little cardigan has blown up my friends' queues lately:

It's the Grey Twist Cardi by Judy Brien, and it's awesome. According to Ravelry, she's a new designer, and as far as I'm concerned, a promising addition to the knitwear design world. 

The sweater is done in laceweight yarn, and the fabric really reminds me of Versio- super light and airy.

I wish there were more photos, but it looks like a sweet, simple cardigan that would show off fun yarn... I wonder if it'd be nice in a linen lace for summer? The suggested yarn is Madelinetosh lace, which would be cosy enough for fall or spring! So versatile!

I love sweaters that are layerable and simple, with good detailing. I feel like they're much more wearable than the thick and quick aran sweaters I'm generally drawn to... Oh masochism, thy name is knitting.

- YX

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  1. That is GORGEOUS! I already want to make my husband the Brownstone after seeing it on your blog, and now I want to make this for myself! You are doing bad/awesome things to my to-knit list :)

  2. I love sweaters like this... They're so diverse in their wearability! Definitely do the Brownstone: It was a joy to knit. I absolutely recommend NOT knitting the sleeves first as written.