18 June 2012

It won't end!

So you may be wondering how my Pinctada's coming along... Well, I think they may be carting me away soon, sleeves of my Versio grafted onto opposing shoulders, straight jacket-style.

It seems that no matter how long I knit, it won't end. I surpassed cowl-length and seem to have stalled on achieving my desired length. It seems like every project gets to this stage at some point: your sleeves make no progress, or you spend hours on a shawl edging that refuses to grow. It's definitely discouraging. Thank you, Pinctada, for making me want to stab my eyes out repeatedly with an enthusiastically-sharpened Signature needle.

But when I look at it, it seems like a decent amount of work:

I'm on my third skein of tosh DK and it's the last one I have, which is at least somewhat motivating. I've been knitting everywhere: in the car, any time I'm home, pretty much everywhere in public...

I know the rules. I'll knit like a madwoman, try it on for size, and be just a few rows away from the end out of nowhere. No explanation of how I popped back out of the wormhole, or where all those thousands of stitches were hiding. But it'll be done!

You're taunting me. 
I'm so excited to have the finished product, and that's the only reason this thing hasn't been crammed into the depths of my knitting bag. I usually work on other projects in conjunction with a "main" one, so having nothing to turn to is keeping me on track. Sort of.

See, I needed the gratification of a completed project, and I happened to have great timing this weekend... I've been looking for a serger on Craigslist, and one came up for sale that fit my needs. I got it home, set it up, and whipped out a maxi skirt to satisfy my FO cravings:
It's not my intention to blog about any sewing projects here, but at least I feel like I've made SOMETHING, instead of knitting yards and yards of yarn into what appears to be a very well-hidden black hole.

Perhaps my next WIP post will have some victory in it... I feel like I can't be much more than a week or two away from completion at this point... please?!

- YX


  1. Oooh, I love the skirt, it looks gorgeous :)

    Good luck getting over the "why won't you just be finished already?!" hurdle ;)

  2. Thank you! And luckily, it looks like my whining is about to pay off in the form of a new FO!