06 June 2012

Vintage knits

Today's D-Day, the anniversary of the first troop landings at Normandy during WWII. I'm not a big war buff, but I've heard and seen a few references to the historical significance of today, and thought I'd use history as inspiration for today's entry.

Normally, I pick patterns from all over the place, but today, I want to look at a selection of Susan Crawford's patterns. Susan's a knitwear designer who specializes in vintage-inspired patterns, and she's blow-your-mind talented. Check out some of my faves:

A Charming Neckline:
Wow. Simple and beautiful and nautically delicious.

Blouse with Gathered Neckline:
Necklinesssssss! This one's buttoned up and would look awesome with a short, tailored skirt.

A Swagger Coat:
Holy wow. Great details, and so much work! I love it.

Amazing!!! I love the drape and delicacy of this piece. This one would definitely see a lot of wear time in my wardrobe.

She's done a ton of great stuff! Check out her Ravelry designer page to see her pieces! Share your favorite vintage patterns with me in the comments!

- YX

(And win some yarn to knit those vintage pieces)

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