26 June 2012

Wool People and more sewing

Brooklyn Tweed just came out with "Wool People 3," which aims to tackle summer knits in wool.

It's an interesting concept, really, because we see SO MUCH cotton, linen, and flax blends right now. Rayon's another great choice for lightweight, not-as-hot yarn, but wool? I love it. Like anything, I struggle to entirely eliminate wool from my summer palette. The Pinctada I'm working on now is wool, and I chose it for the versatility. And let's be honest-- there are so many incredible, varying color options in wool. Especially superwash sock wool.

Go to the link above-- there are some great images for this publication. This triptych is my favorite. It just screams beach bonfires, camping under the stars, and lawn parties:

That wrap! Aaaaaghhhhh I need it!

Have you ever looked at a Brooklyn Tweed Wool People issue? They're PDFs, and gorgeous. The PDF opens full screen, and it's about as close to looking at a real magazine as I can get on my computer. Great images, great graphics. I love it when every step of the process is well-designed, from initial literature to patterns. I think Brooklyn Tweed does this better than any other designer or group I know.

So go check it out! The link above will send you to the blog post where you can click on the PDF, but you can also find it here, with the rest of the books!

In personal crafting news, my Pinctada is still in the black hole of the unfinished. But I sewed something again this weekend. It was super quick: 

It's a simple flyaway cardigan. I had some super lightweight jersey fabric that had a crazy slubbed texture, and it is way too sheer to make a standalone garment. I used a cardigan I already owned to get the basic construction, and then improvised the details. I'm super happy with it, especially because I'm definitely in a flowy/drapey mood lately. Hot weather does that to you. 

I'll have to take some good photos of this (and a few other things) when I finish the Pinctada. 

- YX

PS- reminder that we're just a few days out from June's giveaway! Still time to enter...


  1. Oh, that cardie is very cool. Nicely done!

    Did you serge this one?

    Sewing is one of those skills I hope to improve... if I could just find the time/energy.

  2. I did serge it! All serging, no sewing. Just like I like it!