28 September 2012


Okay, so every once in awhile, I run across work by another knitter that just floors me. Often, it's something super intricate, unusual, or creative. Today I wanted to show you one of those projects:
Aaaah! I love it! It's millamelli's Eclectic Electric sweater. Finished just over a month ago, it already has 135 faves on Ravelry, and I freaked out when I saw it on the madelinetosh group's forum. I love the color choices (Edison Bulb and Grapefruit tosh merino light), as well as the colorwork pattern of the sweater itself. Together, they make a bold and gorgeous product. 
I was so blown away by the finished sweater that I just HAD to share it with you guys! I asked millamelli to answer a few questions for us regarding the project and working with fun colors:
YX: How did you choose your color scheme? 
MM: I love colors. All of them, especially bright colors. I choose my colors based on which ones make me happy in the moment. I know that sounds really hippy-crazy of me, but it’s true! Life is too short to dress in boring colors. I like to put colors together which are slightly off and don’t traditionally match.
YX: How do vibrant colors affect your knitting? MM: Because I choose colors which make me happy, I’m always so excited to pick up my knitting. Plus, I’m a huge fan of knitting in public, and knitting with bright colors totally dispels the myth that knitting is for boring, dowdy grandmothers.
YX: Do you get tired of staring at such bright colors? MM: Never! But sometimes I do find myself daydreaming about other color combinations. Sometimes, when I’m about 1/4 through knitting something, I get caught by a little trepidation and think, “Is this really what I want? Should I have chosen different colors?? Possibly something less loud?” But then I laugh it off and continue knitting.
YX: What were the biggest challenges with your project? MM: I have the attention span of a fruit fly, and apparently my math skills are on par with that. Counting. And being patient. I know my count was off at numerous points in my project, but I was too lazy/stubborn to go back and figure it out, so I kinda just winged it through out. A big part of me choosing to knit a hood and put in a zipper was because my middle was off and the pattern wasn’t completely symmetric.
YX: Do you get comments from non-knitters when you wear your sweater in public? MM: Well, I’ve only really worn it out once. I’m currently living in southern California where it is STILL +100F every single day. But I’m looking forward to wearing it more when I move back to the east coast. I did wear it on an airplane trip to Chicago. I was knitting a sock while wearing my sweater, and the flight attendants all commented on my knitting, then disbelievingly asked if I had knit my sweater. When I answered in the affirmative, they were floored. It felt amazing to have my work validated like that. I get a lot of “You should sell your work!” and “Can you knit me one, too?” Answer: No. Sorry.
YX: What advice would I give someone who wants to start experimenting with fun, exciting colors? MM: DO IT. But first, believe in yourself and believe that YES YOU CAN wear bright colors. Not everyone can do it, but it’s so much fun. You have to commit to it and know that you’re just that awesome. I guess you could start small -- like with mittens or a scarf with a pop of color -- but in all honesty, just knit with colors that make you smile.

I totally agree, and I absolutely love this project! Thanks to millamelli for sharing it with us! And remember, just a few more days to win some bright yarn of your own!
- YX

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