04 September 2012

Woeful thumbs and other events

I spent a good part of the beginning of my holiday weekend knitting. I spent the other part of it tearing baseboards out of a house. One of these things has injured my left thumb, rendering it un-usable for knitting.

I can do plenty of other things, like type, cross stitch, and hitchhike. But I pick up some needles and BAM, impossible to knit. Obviously, this is rather frustrating.

Due to said events, I have nothing to show you on Jaina... I have finished the body and moved on to a sleeve cap, which is simultaneously cool and a pain in the rear. The sleeves have short row caps before moving on to the spiraling tube of the sleeve itself. I'm thinking it's possible that the maneuvering of short rows, combined with a metal circular needle is what fatigued my thumb. And I'm frustratingly close to having a FO, too.

The sweater is short and snug, which is frustrating only until I remind myself that it's 100% alpaca and guaranteed to stretch down to my knees upon first wearing. I'd really like to finish it for my upcoming trip to Rhinebeck... Did I tell you all I'm going? The hotel is booked!

Of COURSE, you'll all be coming with me, no matter how virtual. Get excited!

In other news, look at this!!!!
Aaah! Gorgeous! It's Obsidian, by Lisa Mutch. As in, I would like to knit this sweater, thank you very Mutch. I mean, I can start with the fact that it's ridiculously sexy, without being risqué. Oh, too revealing you say? Well, just pull up the neckline and BOOM
It's a bitchin' cowl sweater. Yes, bitchin'. But I really like it worn down over the shoulder:
These photos are just so perfect, too. They show me what I need to know about the pattern: It's a snug fit, open gauge pattern that will have quite a bit of drape, so it's worth dropping down a size. It reminds me of my Versio, which was similarly lacy/open. This could be gorgeous in a cotton or linen, too, for warmer climates.

So... Someone wanna knit it for me? Send ace bandages and ibuprofin, stat!
- YX


  1. Even though this isn't the kind of sweater that I'd usually wear, I also really want to knit one now. The photos are so fantastic.

    1. Aren't they great! So different from normal pattern photos. I love it!

  2. I think this sweater may show up on my needles one day.. hopefully soon! :) LOVE!

    1. It's definitely moving to the top of my queue, too. :)