24 September 2012


Holy crap, you guys-- Saturday marks the ONE YEAR anniversary of Yarnexploder.com! Partake of my delicious yarn cake:

What?! An entire year? I can't believe I've been able to talk about knitting for a whole year. There was even that month that I posted (almost) every day!

Awesome. Had I been more intelligent about it, I could've done some kind of big to-do about it. Goodness knows we love big to-do's over here.

Instead, I'll show you a photo of my Jaina Sweater, in progress:
There it is, in all its moody, dark glory. What? Can't see anything? Well, let's hope the FO photographs just a bit more visibly.

I've completed my first sleeve, which is intentionally knit two inches short. The entire sweater is a bit small, allowing for the growth that tends to happen with alpaca. If it ends up not growing, a good, solid blocking will help me out.

I keep stressing about finishing the sweater in time for Rhinebeck, which is kind of silly. It's simple enough that it's going to go under the radar there, and it really isn't my best, brightest work. I'll probably drag along my Sultan sweater, as well as various hats. I'm assuming that New York in late October will be a teensy bit colder than down here in Houston.

Well, onward I go- One more sleeve and a collar to do! Don't forget to sign up to win that Madelinetosh yarn!!!



  1. Congratulations! I figure this is as fitting a time as ever to pop my commenting cherry here ;)

  2. That's amazing - congratulations! Cheers to a great blogging year, and here's hoping for another. Thank you for sharing your knitting world with us. :)

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary! Looking forward to see your finished sweater.

    1. Thanks! I've been working furiously on sleeve cap #2... I might make it in time for Rhinebeck, after all...