10 September 2012

Queued: Belle

Someone give me seven bucks because I have to have this right now:
This is Belle, by Julie Weisenberger, and it is everything I want to be, ever. 

Well, everything I want to knit, anyway. Holy cow. Look at the drape. Look at the slouchy-wouchy-ness. Look at the sleeves that are foofy and gorgeous and its an open knit and it's asymmetrical fhdsjlafdljfsadjldsfl

It's asymmetrical because it's a bias knit.

 Bias knitting, for those in the dark, is when knits are worn on a diagonal. Imagine that the rows and columns in a normal knit are like a grid, right? When you turn them diagonally, they distort into a diamond-shaped grid. This grid expands over wide areas and constricts over smaller areas, giving a form-hugging fit. That's how the sweater is so lofty but still manages to give the boom boom pow booty effect.

The sleeve seams, which are done via three-needle bindoffs, are a nice detail that doesn't fight with the design of the sweater.

This sweater looks like an expensive designer sweater from a nice store. It can be done in a ton of colors. It's flattering for my body type. I need fifteen of them.

Someone send me some extra hands!


  1. Ohh, when I see this I see myself knitting it a little longer and in a dark, dark yarn for a SUPER cute out on the town dress :) LOVEEE

    1. Awesome! She has it in linen and alpaca fibers, so I'd bet it'll look pretty in any fiber!