14 September 2012

The logic is winning

I'm a bit disappointed in myself lately. Although I'm moving along on my Jaina sweater, I've been looking through my queue and various FO threads on Ravelry, and I've come to some kind of realization about myself.

I'm being too logical about my queue and project choices.

I think, at some point, I just decided that owning three knit hats in Houston was the right amount. And shawls? I have a ton, but barely wear them. Maybe it's the heat of the (still hot) summer here, but I find myself gravitating toward making sweaters because I wear them much more frequently than anything else.

So I queue and make sweaters. The problem is, they take so very long to finish. I even have one that is so close to finished, but it needs sleeves:
I went through a period of time ending about a year ago, where I made tons of little things and felt really accomplished and happy with them. But now, I wonder how many of those things I can sustain in a collection. Do I keep filling drawers with hats and scarves? Do I go on a self-proclaimed hiatus and stop knitting them altogether? Do I -gulp- make them, but give them away?

I have a more visceral reaction to nice sweaters than any other type of object, and I really have to like something to make it, so... queue full of sweaters.

Seems like I have some things to consider... Meanwhile, I'll continue knitting my first sleeve on my current WIP and try to figure out how I can spend three hours knitting something and have it grow ZERO INCHES. Ugh.

- YX


  1. I know what you mean - I have definitely gone though phases where I am super sensible about the things I queue. Usually I then spot something that I want to make, even if I already have plenty of scarves/mitts/hats etc and then break the pattern ;)

    1. It's the projects we lust after that always seem to get us in the end... :D