20 December 2011

Baby Chucks

I don't have anything new to report on the slippers- I finished the second one last night, and decided to take a night away from them to get a little perspective before attempting to felt them. But they are finished and waiting for the next step.

So I decided to cast on for my next gift project (non-Christmas-related, thank goodness). My friend (and wedding videographer) Drew announced that he and his wife are expecting a baby, so I figured some fashionable kicks were in order. I finished one last night-- IN TWO HOURS. Super fast project. All I have is this one image that I took before I blocked it:

I still need to do the logo on the side, and I think I will so a little bit of duplicate stitching over the areas on the toe that aren't perfect. Otherwise, I love it! I did a crochet chain for the laces, instead of the suggested 3 stitch i-cord. I dipped the ends of the laces in wax and smoothed it out to give the aglet effect on the ends. SO CUTE. I plan on finishing the other one tonight, and I might end up taking the yarn and needles with me and cranking out a few more over the holidays, just to have some in my gift stash.

In other news, I just saw the new VK Winter 11/12 preview, as usual, my opinions are mixed. I think that's a good sign for a magazine, though: it means the styles are varied enough that a large audience should appreciate them. Here are a few images:

I LOVE the image on the far left, which is a big, tinuc-y, cowly lace dress. Totally my style!
- YX

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