08 December 2011

Video: Wollmeise Grab Bags

Okay, folks, I made a video which explains the Wollmeise Grab Bag process. It's actually pretty similar to the standard update.

Here's the Wollmeise Main Shop Page link as promised.

Here's the "We're Different" page I talk about in the video. The listings for each grab bag will be below:

And here's what an individual listing looks like on the page:
(Click to enlarge)

So, this listing is for a random mix of semi-solid or multicolored skeins of 100% superwash yarn in yellow or orange colorways.

Something that isn't incredibly clear in my video: The fastest way to get to a page to just buy any grab bag of yarn is to use the "In Stock" listings. The fastest/most accurate way to get a SPECIFIC grab bag you want is to load the individual listing's page via "We're different"... But you run the risk of that exact bag not being available on this update (not all bags are available each week), so it's, in some ways, riskier.

The updates are at 11:00a EST / 10centeral.

And here's what you get in the mail:

In the bag is the yarn, a receipt, a free pattern (usually gloves, for me), and a teeny bag of Haribo Goldbaren. :D

What bags are you going to try to snag during the update?
- YX

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  1. Gemischt is pronounced geh-MISHT, and means "mixed". :D